Dear Members and Visitors,

Wpha always try to provide you a proper service.  We need your help to keep this service efficient. Recently may of you had sent their queries in our facebook inbox. We highly appreciate your effort for knowing information and solution of your problem. However it is not always possible for us to give you a proper service through the facebook. Therefore, we request you to sent your queries to our email addresses:

On behalf of WPHA

Md. Rafiqul Islam


Reporting Government

Dear Members,

We will send a report of our current  issues to the government very shortly. We believe that many of us was able to solve their problem and many of us could not. We know that every case is not same. Therefore it is important that you write your problem and reason of that to us. We hope that Government will have time to see our issues with great importance.

You can mail us at:

Happy New Year 2019

WPHA wishes a very happy new year to everyone. We wish that the system will give us priority to solve today’s problem as soon as 2019 begins.

Mahran Abdelkarim (New President, WPHA from 2019) and Tawhid Amanullah (President, WPHA)

Annual General Meeting 2018: Meeting Place and Time

Dear Members,

Earlier we have announced that the AGM will be held on December 16, 2018. Your presence in the meeting  is highly important for our future plan. The AGM also gives opportunity to share knowledge and information that always served best to all of us. The meeting place and time are given below:

Place: Sensus Stockholm, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 39, 118 49 Stockholm.

Time: 17:00


Rafiqul Islam, General Secretary

Annual General Meeting 2018

Dear Members,

Our annual general meeting will be held on December 16, 2018. A agenda of the meeting will be sent to your mail. Information about meeting place and time will be published by next week.


Tawhid Amanullah

President/ WPHA

Stockholm and the Battle for Global Talent

Special thanks to The Local, Crimson Clark and UMA Kungsbron for inviting us to join their event  “Stockholm and the Battle for Global Talent”.  The mingle in the event was a great platform for sharing experiences. We hope that this kind of event will open door for the global talents to contribute in Swedish economy. We are glad to the following people that they cordially talked to us and we wish to continue our dialogue with them in future.

Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm

Ahmed Abdirahman, Policy expert on integration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Founder of Järvaveckan, and The Gloval Village

Johanna Jönsson, Member of Parliament and spokesperson for migration for the Centre party

Fredrik von Essen, Public affairs expert at IT&Telekomföretagen

We also cordially thanks to UMA Kungsbron for the gift of letting us to use their workspace free of cost untill April 2019.

Tawhid Amanullah (President/WPHA) and Rafiqul Islam (General Secretary/WPHA) represented the association in the meeting.

Tawhid Amanullah, Rafiqul Islam, and Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm
Tawhid Amanullah and Fredrik von Essen, Public affairs expert at IT&Telekomföretagen
Tawhid Amanullah and Ahmed Abdirahman, Policy expert on integration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Founder of Järvaveckan, and The Gloval Village
Tawhid Amanullah, Rafiqul Islam, Hanan Touma (Community Manager, UMA Kungsbron), and James Savage (CEO & Publisher, The Local.)
Johanna Jönsson (Member of Parliament and spokesperson for migration for the Centre party), James Savage (CEO & Publisher, The Local) Anna König Jerlmyr (Mayor of Stockholm), Elizabeth Walentin (CEO, Crimson Clark), Ahmed Abdirahman (Policy expert on integration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Founder of Järvaveckan, and The Gloval Village), Fredrik von Essen (Public affairs expert at IT&Telekomföretagen)

Important checklist

Dear members,

Here is a basic but important checklist which you should follow while you are thinking about to apply for your work permit or work permit extension.


You should be offered a salary in accordance with the Swedish Collective agreements or in line with the occupation or industrial practice.  It is also important that you should have salary increment every year. Please communicate with your  relevant labor union to know more about it.


The migrations agency requires that your employer must assure you following insurances:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Occupational Injury Insurance
  • Occupational Pension Insurance

It is important that the insurance must starts from the day you begin your work.


You should have right to have 25 days paid vacation every year. However, it is also important that you must take your vacation every year (At least 20 days. You can save rest of the 5 days to use in your next year).We have experienced last year that in some cases vacation payment was provided every month with the salary (the term used as “semester ersättning / vacation compensation”). This practice is incorrect. If you still have this issue, please inform your employer for correction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of assistant.





WPHA Almedalen 2018 Report

Since 2016, WPHA has been working to involve and inform businesses, government agencies, work permit holders, media and other non-profit organizations to address the unfair deportation of foreign workers. The WPHA, participated in Almedalen Week 2018 and to represent foreign workers and employers’ perspectives to the attention of the public and policy makers.

Continue reading “WPHA Almedalen 2018 Report”

Anställningsvilkor och Branch Praxis Employment Condition and Branch Praxis

It is important that foreign workers need to know about work permit regulation and labor market practice in reality. WPHA found that there is a big informational gap between these two subjects. WPHA believes that for this informational gap many work permit holders are in uncertain situation and many of them are already got deportation unfairly. Therefore it is important to discuss the issue. We invite every one join the seminar during Almedalen Week 2018.

Invitation to participate in the dialogue

WPHA is always open to integrate all interested group in the dialogue. As a part of it Diversify Foundation showed its interest to have a survey from both employees and employers perspective. WPHA thinks that the result of the survey will help other stakeholders to understand the subject in detail. Please check the following link for more information about the survey and Diversify Foundation.