WPHA is working hard to ensure that migrant workers’ voice is heard.

Since October 2017 the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce awards the Boosting the Capital Prize to the people who in some way have made the capital region better. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce works to strengthen of capital region’s attractiveness and competitiveness. On 27th April 2018 Stockholm Chamber of commerce awarded “WPHA” as the Boosting the Capital-prize for its hard work and promoting migrant workers’ rights. WPHA is working hard to ensure that migrant workers’ voice is heard. On behalf of WPHA, Tawhid Amanullah and Rafiqul Islam had received the award.

“The current momentum toward a fairer system would not exist without WPHA”- Maria Rankka, VD, Chamber of Commerce.

The dynamic of WPHA is to represent foreign workers of different profession in Sweden. These people have direct and indirect contribution for boosting the capital and other cities in Sweden. We are thankful to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for understanding to our perspectives and giving us recognition for our work.

We know that still many of us going through uncertainty. Our contributions are still ignored for the reasons which we are not responsible for. We will continue our work until our voice is heard for justice.

Photo presents:
Batuhan Kutlu, Researcher , Stockholms Chamber of Commerce.

Christopher Marton, Researcher, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Tawhid Amanullah, President, WPHA

Rafiqul Islam, General Secretary, WPHA

Calls for donation

Dear members,
From the beginning till today we are trying our best to address the issue with proper information and understanding. As a part of it, we are continuously communicating with all kind of stakeholders and visiting different cities across the country. You will be happy to know that this year we are going to participate in Almedanvecka 2018 in Gottland as we did last year. This year we are also going to take a project regarding foreign workers’ integration in Swedish society and economy. Without your courageous support we would never be able to continue our journey. WPHA has still a lot to do for the betterment of all kind of foreign workers who are continuously investing their best in this economy. Our individual contribution can be small but it can be big when you see it collectively. Your can support through both our Bankgiro and Swish.
Work Permit Holders Association
Bankgiro: 5159-4737
Swish: 1230077925
Thanks a lot

AGM 2017 Report

Dear Members,

We are very happy to publish the report on our  Annual General Meeting 2017, which was held on February 25, 2018.

The report will give you lots of information about WPHA and its activities from the time it has begun its journey.

Please check this link if you want to see the report:


2017.ANNUAL ACCOUNT-ÅRSREDOVISNING Work Permit Holders Association

Lagrådet’s feedback on the law proposal

The bill for overall assessment had been sent to Lagrådet (The Legislative Council) for comments. The council published a document on October 31st, 2017 in which the members have shown disapproval of the proposal for reasons that we have summarised in English below:

  • There is a general need for a remiss in parliament proposition.
  • In some cases a need for quick handling of a motion is needed.
  • The stakeholders were given a short time to provide feedback on the proposal (29th September to 5th October).
  • Some stakeholders possibly only saw it on the 2nd of October which was too late.
  • Some stakeholders mentioned that it was on a short/hasty notice.
  • An estimation of how many people are affected now, and how many less there would be after this bill is not provided.
  • Consideration should be taken into account, that this is not only related to a small change to the current law or to the government’s proposition.
  • There is no reason mentioned to why this bill must pass by December 1st.
  • An investigation is ongoing and is due for submission December 31st, which is not too far away from this bill’s proposed date.
  • Related to the above-mentioned, it is deemed that Socialförsäkringsutskottet does not have good reasoning behind the short remiss time allowed, and thus has not fulfilled the requirements for (10 Kap 4 law for remises).
  • With reference to an earlier proposition (2013/14:227 s.18), the Lagrådsremiss at the time was that the cancellation of work permit should not be obligatory when the circumstances for the permit are changed. A permit could be cancelled, but the indvidual’s connection to the Swedish society should be taken into consideration.
  • The proposed bill is “too wide”, and according to the text this would be very general.
  • The bill risks that significant deteriorations in relation to collective agreements can be deemed acceptable as per bill text.
  • The application of this bill would – in addition to the added uncertainty – mean that a fundamental change in the current system would occur for workforce immigration. That issue is not highlighted in the remises.
  • A more close approach to addressing these work permit issues/situations could be to introduce an exemption from the mandatory revocation in case of ”minor cases”. i.e. add more to bill/law text.
  • With reference to the foregoing and the lack of preparation, Lagrådet disapproves of the proposal.

The original document with Swedish text can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4AYMIhiwlCEdXJHSzFjZWJCWDQ

— WPHA Core Team

Viktiga medarbetare utvisas på grund av ett ord i lagen

Snabbväxande svenska företag försätts i kris då viktiga medarbetare utvisas. Bakom avslagen om förlängt arbetstillstånd ligger allt för ofta bagatellartade avvikelser från gällande kollektivavtal. Nu måste något göras snabbt för de 8 600 medarbetare som väntar på sina besked.


Amelie Berg mfl

expert arbetsgivarfrågor, Svenskt Näringsliv

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WPHA at Almedalen 2017

WPHA attended Almedalen with the goal to evaluate the authorities’ as well as public’s understanding of the work permit holders’ issues. Not only this, we tried to raise as much awareness as we could through various means like distributing flyers explaining our situation, approaching media persons, talking with bureaucrats and politicians etc. We spent almost a week there, the chronological summary of which is as follows:

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Fick låg lön för 5 år sedan – utvisas nu

I sex år har Muhammad Golam Murshed arbetat på restauranger i Upp­sala, betalat skatt och aldrig tagit en krona i bidrag. Nu ska han ­utvisas då han under några månader för fem år sedan tjänade mindre än vad Migrationsverket kräver. Trots att myndigheten redan accepterat detta i ett beslut från år 2014.

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Vi behöver en stopplag direkt

ALMEDALEN Nästan alla är överens om att de orimliga utvisningarna av arbetskraftsinvandrare behöver stoppas. Bagatellartade detaljer ska inte hindra företag från att få behålla kvalificerad arbetskraft. Men ännu har ingen förändring kommit till stånd och människor blir fortfarande utvisade.

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Why Almedalen Week isn’t just for insiders

This week’s Almedalen Festival is often written off as a champagne-fuelled political bubble. But for Bangladeshi campaigner Tawhid Amanullah, it allowed him to get through to people who matter. Continue reading “Why Almedalen Week isn’t just for insiders”

Misstag som påverkar liv

Runt jul förra året berättades i medier om flera personer som utvisats från Sverige på grund av smärre misstag som begåtts av arbetsköparen. Under ett års tid har organisationen WPHA, Work Permit Holders Association, försökt väcka frågan och organisationen har på kort tid vuxit enormt. Imorgon närvarar de i Almedalen.

Misstag som påverkar liv