Plan for demonstration and procession

  • We will do demonstration at Mynttorget At 1400 hrs, 11 June 2017.
  • We will start our procession peacefully and silently from Mynttorget to Sweden’s Television (SVT) and Sweden’s Radio (SR) , Oxenstiernsgatan at 15:00.
  • We will stay peacefully at the open space in front of Sveriges Television, Oxenstiernsgatan 26,105 10 Stockholm and Sveriges Radio AB, Oxenstiernsgatan 20,105 10 Stockholm for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Then two persons among us will give our open letter/appeal to SVT and SR and we will close our program after that.

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  1. Hello All,
    The work permit extension process is looking a serious Issue currently considering the Insurance from the previous employer as well when we are paying all the taxes to the government equal to a swedish citizen . We should make sure none of us are deported because of flaws from employer and we should again conduct a rally , infact a very big one this time in make sure we get noticed and there is a change in the law . Lets do a rally as early as possible and conduct every month one day without fail and get noticed and show our importance to the country of Sweden.

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