WPHA is working hard to ensure that migrant workers’ voice is heard.

Since October 2017 the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce awards the Boosting the Capital Prize to the people who in some way have made the capital region better. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce works to strengthen of capital region’s attractiveness and competitiveness. On 27th April 2018 Stockholm Chamber of commerce awarded “WPHA” as the Boosting the Capital-prize for its hard work and promoting migrant workers’ rights. WPHA is working hard to ensure that migrant workers’ voice is heard. On behalf of WPHA, Tawhid Amanullah and Rafiqul Islam had received the award.

“The current momentum toward a fairer system would not exist without WPHA”- Maria Rankka, VD, Chamber of Commerce.

The dynamic of WPHA is to represent foreign workers of different profession in Sweden. These people have direct and indirect contribution for boosting the capital and other cities in Sweden. We are thankful to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for understanding to our perspectives and giving us recognition for our work.

We know that still many of us going through uncertainty. Our contributions are still ignored for the reasons which we are not responsible for. We will continue our work until our voice is heard for justice.

Photo presents:
Batuhan Kutlu, Researcher , Stockholms Chamber of Commerce.

Christopher Marton, Researcher, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Tawhid Amanullah, President, WPHA

Rafiqul Islam, General Secretary, WPHA

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