Almedalen Week 2018

Dear Members,

We are happy to inform you that we got approval to participate in the Almedalen Week 2018. Almedan Week is the biggest and most important event in Sweden for political and socioeconomic issues. Although the parliamentary political parties are the main attraction of the event, you will get the opportunities to participate in different discussion and seminars. This important for us because this is the only place where we can explain our issues and demand for justice to the right people on spot. We will campaign there during the whole week, July 2 – July 6, 2018. During the campaign we will arrange some seminars on WPHA booth. Through our seminars and participation in other forums we will try to achieve the following goals:

  1. Raise members voice and problems to the authority.
  2. We will highlight that foreign workers are facing discrimination by the system.
  3. The political leaders and other important stakeholders should know that unclear law and unfair system cannot be justified to deport us.
  4. We will defend propaganda against foreign workers that we are threat to the local labour, illegal competition, taking social benefits and some more related to the issues.
  5. We will demonstrate how and how much foreign workers are participating in the economy of Sweden.
  6. We will relay picture that deporting foreign workers is against universal labour convention and Justice.

WPHA is working hard to ensure that migrant workers’ voice is heard. We should hold each other’s hands and support WPHA for the success:

Work Permit Holders Association

Bankgiro: ‎‎5159-4737

Swish: ‎‎1230077925



Rafiqul Islam

General Secretary/ WPHA


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