Anställningsvilkor och Branch Praxis Employment Condition and Branch Praxis

It is important that foreign workers need to know about work permit regulation and labor market practice in reality. WPHA found that there is a big informational gap between these two subjects. WPHA believes that for this informational gap many work permit holders are in uncertain situation and many of them are already got deportation unfairly. Therefore it is important to discuss the issue. We invite every one join the seminar during Almedalen Week 2018.

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  1. Asia, and my daughter of the champion of swimming and my husband of the champion of badminton in Iran are in trouble and I can not continue to live. Please help. Thank you

    1. Hello Taher,
      Sorry that we missed your message earlier. If you are still in need of our help please contact us by our mail address, . We also want to inform you that we can only help you if you have any issue regarding work permit in Sweden.

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