WPHA helps you and your employers to follow rules and regulations so that you or your employer do not fall into any administrative mistake.

Administrative services

As a member, you can always check your administrative and legal documents with us free of charge. As foreign language speaker, you may get it difficult to follow up on your documents, because most of the institutional documents are in Swedish language. In this case, we can help you to understand those documents and follow accurately.

Legal services

Sometimes you may go through legal procedures where we can help you a lot and if necessary we can help you to appoint a competent lawyer.

The solution is not difficult to find, only you have to know where it is, and therefore we are here to help you on it.

Services for non-members

The foreign workers who do not have any membership with us are also welcome to have our administrative and legal services. In that case, they have to pay a service fee of 500 SEK/hour.

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