Upcoming events

WPHA at Almedalsveckan 2017

WPHA will be present at Almedalen and our aim will be to reach out to the politicians, media, policy makers and people of important influence in/on the Swedish economy. All of Sweden’s focus will be shifted towards the small Island of Gotland, giving us the best opportunity to discuss the issues directly with the key people who have the ability to change the laws or at least affect the outcome of the upcoming suggested law changes. This makes our short presence in Gotland important for our long term stay in Sweden.

If you can, please do join us. More details will be shared soon.

Join us at Sergels torg by 4:45 today (4 July, 2017)

As we (WPHA) are one of the participant of Almedalsveckan 2017. Swedish Radio will record our interview today (4th July) 17:00, at Sergels torg . So we are requesting u all ,those who are able to join with us , please come at Sergels torg by 4:45 today. After that another group of WPHA members will start journey for Almedalsveckan. Our official participation dates are 5th July and 6th July at Almedalsveckan. Our Booth number is 232.