About Us

Work Permit Holders Association Sweden has started its journey since May 2016.

The primary objective of the association is to give a common platform for foreign workers in Sweden.

This is a nonprofit organization formed by foreign workers of different professions who believed that sharing knowledge and experiences is the best way for better integration.

From an organizational perspective, the WPHA connects all the stakeholders who are involved with the foreign workers' issues in Sweden.

Additionally, the WPHA helps its members to understand and follow the regulations for foreign workers correctly. We also help our members to check their documents if there are any mistakes and correct them.

The WPHA also reaches the policymakers to represents foreign workers' issues, so that they can know foreign workers' perspectives and reality.

The WPHA believes that foreign workers are good human resources for the country and its economy. The deportation is not a solution for any kind of unintentional mistakes.

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