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WPHA helps you and your employers to follow rules and regulations so that you or your employer do not fall into any administrative mistake.

Legal services:


Sometimes you may go through legal procedures where we can help you a lot and if necessary we can help you to appoint a competent lawyer. The solution is not difficult to find, only you have to know where it is, and therefore we are here to help you on it.

Services for non-members

The foreign workers who do not have any membership with us are also welcome to have our administrative and legal services. In that case, they have to pay a service fee of 500 SEK/hour.

Becoming of a member of WPHA, please follow the following steps:

Please proceed the bank transfer payment for: SEK 300.00

Payment Details: Yearly Subscription  Membership for WPHA with Identification:

  • Bank Details: BANK
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5364-10 523 35
  • IBAN:: SE82 5000 0000 0536 4105 2335
  • Bank:  SEB Bank
  • Swish: 123 007 79 25
  • BankGiro: 5159-4737
  • OCR/Message: In the OCR number, please mention your Swedish Social Security Number

NOTE! After the money transfer, you must write an email to: In the email you must send: Subscriber’s name, a Screenshot of the receipt, email address, and Contact Number.