Calls for donation

Dear members,
From the beginning till today we are trying our best to address the issue with proper information and understanding. As a part of it, we are continuously communicating with all kind of stakeholders and visiting different cities across the country. You will be happy to know that this year we are going to participate in Almedanvecka 2018 in Gottland as we did last year. This year we are also going to take a project regarding foreign workers’ integration in Swedish society and economy. Without your courageous support we would never be able to continue our journey. WPHA has still a lot to do for the betterment of all kind of foreign workers who are continuously investing their best in this economy. Our individual contribution can be small but it can be big when you see it collectively. Your can support through both our Bankgiro and Swish.
Work Permit Holders Association
Bankgiro: 5159-4737
Swish: 1230077925
Thanks a lot